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Workers’ comp made easy For everyone

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THE differenCE about our approach

We’re your independent link between local Insurance Agent/Broker, carrier, Payroll Provider, and Business Owner/Policyholder. We are not affiliated with one specific Agent/Broker, carrier or Payroll Provider. Most Pay-As-You-Go services are tacked onto an existing Payroll Provider or insurance company, we are not.

We work with any Agent/Broker, any payroll company, and a long list of insurance carriers. That means Business Owners/Policyholders can keep their trusted insurance Agent/Broker and still get the benefits of Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Comp premiums. 

We understand the nuances of Workers’ Comp. Our service feels automated to customers because it makes Workers’ Comp so effortless. That’s because we have real experts looking at each unique situation. Experts handle every detail of your Workers’ Comp insurance, not a computer program that can’t account for changing details.

Our main service is the calculation, collection, and remittal of Workers’ Comp premiums. We’re the only Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Comp provider that works with any Payroll Provider and any insurance carrier. 

Our values
Personalized, friendly service

We truly believe in doing good for our customers. Helping people work together to make insurance easier. Our clients need a liaison to link all pieces of the Workers’ Comp puzzle.

 We strive to understand each client’s unique needs. Business Owners/Policyholders. Payroll Providers. Insurance Agents/Brokers. Insurance Carriers. We know our customers by name. Our clients are not policy numbers or client IDs, they are people that we relate to. We’re a partner, and we value our customers.

Who we are

We are accurate, friendly, and flexible. We are proud of our unparalleled level of experience, knowledge, and service. We are hands-on, with experienced personnel who answer their phones.

We love being able to help the small- to mid-sized business owner with what can be a confusing and expensive necessity of starting or running a business.

Our Story

We have been streamlining Workers’ Comp since before 2004. Until 2010 we exclusively served Floridians, but have grown to proudly offer nationwide serviceOur commitment to accuracy and customer service has quickly made us the preferred third party vendor for Pay-As-You-Go premium payments. It’s a genuine passion for helping clients simplify Workers’ Comp that has brought us to where we are today.

Our promise

Thorough, accurate, and professional service. Flexible, friendly support that makes navigating Workers’ Comp a breeze. Access to experts when you need them. Personnel who listen to your needs, instead of selling you our services. We treat you with respect no matter the size of your company or the cost of your premiums.

Our leadership
A team to support you

Jim Urseth


Tina Meyer

Vice President

Kat Billingsley

Business Development

Caryn Freeman 

Client/Agent Relations