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Pay exactly what you owe

Taking the guesswork out of Workers’ Comp

real-time premium calculations


All the benefits of Pay-As-You-Go premiums without requiring clients to change Insurance Agent/Broker or Payroll Provider. Reduce down payment requirements. Pay exactly what you owe. No more, no less. Simplify the audit experience. That means when your audit rolls around, you’ll never have a surprise bill.

Whether you’re an Agent/Broker, Payroll Provider, Insurance Carrier/Company, or Business Owner/Policyholder, we make Workers’ Comp more convenient for everyone.

Your most flexible Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Comp billing solution.



We’re Not your average
Pay-as-you-go provider

Pay-As-You-Go Insurance Premiums

Minimize the up-front cost of Workers’ Comp insurance. Pay your insurance premiums per-pay-period rather than coming up with a hefty deposit.

Pay exactly what you owe with real-time premium calculations. Best of all, we’re unaffiliated with any specific Payroll Provider, Insurance Agent/Broker or carrier, so you can reap all the benefits of switching to Pay-As-You-Go without having to switch payroll or insurance.

  • Easy to Implement

    Upon receipt of the completed RPM Authorization Form, our Setup Team works seamlessly to integrate with the Payroll Provider, Agent/Broker and Insurance Carrier/Company.

  • An Independent Provider

    Most Pay-As-You-Go billing solutions are affiliated with a specific Insurance Carrier/Company, Agent or Payroll Provider. We are not. That means easy set-up and no hidden agenda. Just fantastic customer service and accurate insurance premiums.

  • Simplified Audit Experience

    We simplify the audit process by capturing the actual premium due based on all payroll reported throughout the policy term.