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We’re your independent partner, helping you improve your offerings and service to your customers.

When you work with RPM, you give your customers a flexible, straightforward alternative for paying their insurance premiums. You give them a better experience by helping them make payments that reflect the actual amount owed, so they don’t get stuck with a surprise payment at the end of an audit. You also get an extra layer of customer service, with passionate experts that can help your customers navigate and prepare for audits.

We’re also here for YOU. Our service is hooked directly into your clients’ Payroll Provider. We can help you prepare for audits by pulling specific reports. Fast, and on-demand reporting that saves you time and money.

When you work with RPM, your job is easier and you get happier customers that stick with you.

What Sets RPM Apart

Your customers get the best of both worlds—your service and ours.

We’re the only Pay-As-You-Go provider that hooks right into your customers’ current payroll and insurance setup. We’re not an alternative, we’re an integration. Most Pay-As-You-Go options are already affiliated with a specific Payroll Provider or insurance company. We’re independent!

Why should you care? That means your customers get the benefit of Pay-As-You-Go premiums without having to choose between a provider that has a Pay-As-You-Go option and a provider they love. We’re ridiculously accurate and great at reporting. When audit time rolls around, we can save you tons of time by pulling reports for you. Exactly what you need, when you need it.

  • Streamline the Audit Process

  • Delight Your Customers

  • Save Time and Money
  • Gain a Competitive Advantage
  • Accurate & Timely Reporting



"Reliable Premium has been an amazing partner. They really stay on top of things and their reporting is very accurate and timely. The experience and knowledge they have has been an asset to our organization. Best of all, their customer service is outstanding!

— Jayson Beuchler, Normandy Insurance Company

"RPM is an invaluable agency partner. Working with RPM reduces our service work and staff time, thereby making our office much more efficient and productive. RPM assists us with serving our clients by handling billing, audits, WC exemptions, class codes and much more. Most importantly, our clients and carriers love working with their professional staff. Give them a try, you will be glad you did.

— Greg Roe, Roe Insurance Inc.

"Reliable Premium Management can effectively balance and represent the policyholder, agent and carrier’s needs.

— Andrew Hughes, Builders Insurance Group

"The RPM pay-as-you-go option and staff have exceed our and our client’s expectations! The level of service they provide is consistently setting the bar higher. The way RPM handles pay-as-you-go has simplified the insurance transaction and has helped make our Workers’ Comp payment processing seamless.

— Bennett Goldblum, Beacon Aviation Insurance Services