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Workers’ Comp and general liability audits are a hassle and can be expensive. Policy effective dates, class codes, experience modifications, anniversary rating dates, change in ownership, exemption status, new locations, overtime premium calculation, reimbursements, exclusions of tips …. It doesn’t have to be this difficult!

For nearly 20 years, thousands of agents, dozens of insurance carriers and hundreds of Payroll Providers nationwide have turned to RPM to handle “Pay-As-You-Go” insurance payments. Through the years, RPM has reviewed thousands of audits to better serve our customers. Most insurance carriers outsource audits to a 3rd party and have come to rely on RPM to provide accurate audit review.

RPM Audit Assistance

The dreaded yearly audit. It means surprise charges for a business owner and heaps of reporting for Insurance Agents/Brokers, Carriers and Payroll Providers. Reconciling premium payments with reported payroll. Crunching numbers and filing paperwork.

Dealing with your annual audits doesn’t need to be a burden. If you’re an insurer, we can help you collect audit balances by breaking them into more easily managed payments for your clients. If you’re a Business Owner/Policyholder, we give you a flexible payment option so you don’t have to suddenly come up with a surprise lump sum of money.

You can count on us to be timely and accurate. What’s more, you can count on us to be friendly and helpful. We take pride in what we do and that means providing the best customer experience, every time, regardless of the size of your business or the price of your premiums.

Don’t Fear the Audit Results

Break audit balances into manageable payments. Easier for the business owner/policyholder to pay, easier for the insurer to collect.

Any Type of Insurance

Make any of your insurance payments easier. We don’t limit our help to Workers’ Comp. From auto to health insurance, we can help make your payments less painful for nearly any line of coverage.

Expert Audit Reconciliation

We’re your #1 advocate when it comes to audit reconciliation. Audits are notoriously inaccurate. Part of our service is to reconcile payroll records with insurance companies’ accounting methods to ensure accuracy.

Audit Assistance At Your Fingertips
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RPM has the simplest and most cost-effective method for completing Workers’ Comp audits. Most auditing firms charge a large percentage of the recovery and solely focus on large accounts (which means large recoveries), leaving your small to mid-sized clients to fend for themselves or depend on you, their trusted accountant. Where do YOU turn for assistance?

We understand the value of this service to accountants and agents. Therefore, RPM is introducing “audit-only” service for CPA’s and Agents! Our flat hourly fee is both reasonable and not predatory like most audit firms! Reliable Premium Management charges a modest $40/hour, with most audits complete in less than two hours.

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As an ERMA member, you’ll receive 50% off Reliable Premium Management “audit-only” hourly rate.