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Who benefits from working with RPM? In short, everyone. We’re a liaison, streamlining Workers’ Comp insurance for the Business Owner/Policyholder, Insurance Carrier, and everyone in between.

Business Owners/Policyholders improve cash flow and accuracy. Payroll Providers and Insurance Agents/Brokers get an additional layer of customer service for clients. Insurance Carriers get invaluable audit assistance.

Get ready for a blissfully flexible Workers’ Comp experience.

Credit/Debit Monitoring

The most frustrating part of Workers’ Comp is paying up-front based on a loose estimate of your payroll. Unlike most payroll companies, we take an active approach to double- and triple-checking the details of your business to account for over- and under-payments.

Your Workers’ Comp rates will be continually calculated throughout the policy year, ensuring you’re always paying the correct amount and won’t have any end-of-year surprises when it’s time for your audit.

Proactive Approach

We’re continuously monitoring the details (ratings, classifications, exemptions, and more) and adjusting premium payments accordingly.

Eliminate Surprises

Our active approach to credit/debit monitoring eliminates surprises when it’s time to be audited.

Accurate and Timely

We make adjustments on-time and looking at how the details affect the big picture so you can rest assured that your Workers’ Comp premiums are taken care of.

Customer Service & Agent/Broker Protection

Working with RPM, you’ll gain an extra layer of customer service. We keep you up-to-date when your clients make changes within their business that might affect their premiums.

With our intimate contact with your clients, we can keep you appraised of your clients wants and needs. We can tell you if they’re unhappy. If they’re being approached by potential poachers. What your clients want from you. You’ll learn ahead of time—before it’s too late. We’re your partner in ensuring you clients stay your clients.

Competitive Advantage

Gain the edge on your competition by offering your customers Pay-As-You-Go premiums and audit assistance.

Increased Customer Support

We keep you up-to-date on changes clients make within their businesses, so you can provide up-to-date service and support.

Accurate & Timely Reporting

We take reporting seriously. We’re accurate, thorough, and organized. This helps streamline the audit process and saves you time and money dealing with documentation.

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